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The Journey to Cardinal Creek

Cardinal Creek Quilting was born out of an idea that started 2 years ago. I decided to write a book that I started almost 30 years ago. I was working several things into the book that I really enjoyed like horseback riding and quilting. As I was doing research for my book my husband and I went into several quilt shops and found the people very personable.

While I was fond of quilting, I never tried quilting. Let us just say my sewing skills had been the punchline of many jokes in the family. The pointy ball I made for my daughter when she was a baby, the rabbit with uneven ears, and the nightgown that required my daughter to keep one arm in the air. I have no idea what I did when I attached the sleeve, but she could not put her arm down when she put it on.

On one of our research trips to Bandera, Texas we visited the quilt shop. One of the ladies showed me the one-yard quilt books and told me that I should try one of these. I told my husband as much as I want to try sewing just isn’t for me, but I enjoy listening to the ladies in the stores talk about their quilts plus I have a true love for fabric.

In May I received my developmental edit on my book from the editor and to be honest I was a bit bummed. So, I told my husband I am either going to buy a Missouri Fox Trotter or I am going to get a vintage RV. Well, I ended up buying a 1968 Scout. I decided I wanted to decorate with vintage colors and curtains. I couldn’t find what I wanted anywhere so I bought some fabric Summer Breeze from Moda and went to work making 6 sets of patchwork panels for the window. It grew from there and ended with making a cushion for the breakfast bar stools, cushion covers for the couch, and pillows.

After all that I wanted a quilt that matched my curtains. So, I bought my first 3-yard quilt book. Let us just say the rest is history. I have made 8 quilts since June then ventured into the world of longarm quilting.

How did we come up with Cardinal Creek Quilting?

My book is set in the fictious town of Cardinal Creek, Texas which has a quilt shop called Cardinal Creek Quilting. They have a guild called the Quiltin Bees that make quilts for various charity organizations including Quilts of Valor and Quilts for Kids. This is going to be a series of books set Cardinal Creek.

The first book is Shattered Hearts.
Handsome First Responder Will Deluca closed his heart after losing his high school sweetheart to an unthinkable tragedy leaving him broken, battered and lonely. When he meets a crimson haired beauty her calm, caring, and compassionate demeanor sparks something he thought he would never find again. The sight of her with his kids opens his heart to something Will thought was gone forever.

Anna Samuels moved to Cardinal Creek leaving her childhood home after the ultimate betrayal of her boyfriend and best friend. She left with the intention of closing her heart to relationships until she meets the blue eyed first responder who rents her a cabin on his ranch.

When fate brings Will and Anna together; falling in love was something neither of them expected or wanted. Anna creates a spark in Will that he thought was extinguished the night his wife died. They will learn that love never dies.

We took turned on a road we never expected

While we were visiting the various quilt shops in both Texas and Missouri my husband took a liking to the long arm quilting. We decided to buy a machine and slowly start doing longarm quilting a little at a time, but my husband found a place in Orange Grove. And as they say, the rest is history.

About Alex and Angela

Thirteen years ago, Alex and Angela met while serving in the Army in Honolulu Hawaii. Alex was just off the plane from Iraq when he took a cab to Tripler Hospital to meet Angela who was stationed there in the Nurse Corp. Ten months they got married. Together they have 7 children (Mine, His and Ours.) and two grandchildren.

Alex served in the Army for 13 years in the field artillery unit. He served in Bosnia, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom. He’s a hero to his family because he serves his family with the same passion he did in the military. He’s a devoted father and husband.

Angela has been a nurse since 2003. She started as a tech in the emergency room in 2002 and went from LVN to Nurse Practitioner. She graduated from the University of Missouri in May of 2016 with a Doctor of Nurse Practice (Family Nurse Practitioner). She owes her husband so much because he has been her biggest support as she earned her bachelors to doctorate. She enjoys working in healthcare, but her passion lies in anything creative. Her favorite times are when she has all five of the kids (and grandbabies) in the same place especially at Christmas.

From Hawaii to Louisiana to Missouri to Indiana to Texas they have experienced joy and loss, but one thing that remains is their love and support for one another not matter the endeavor.

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