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Quilting Services

Long Arm Quilting Service

Don’t make those quilt tops and stop! Let us help you create a family heirloom with one of our
beautiful edge-to-edge quilting designs.

So, you finished your quilt top. Congratulations! Don’t let it become another top in a pile of unfinished
ones. Let us turn it into a magical heirloom quilt. We can quickly, and easily, baste those layers together,
stitch out a beautiful design and bring your quilt to life. All that is left when your quilt is returned is to
add the binding. You, or your special someone will be snuggling up in your beautiful quilt before you
know it.

We currently have a small selection of wide back fabrics for your convivence as well as batting which we sell by the inch.

Our longarm is done in-house on our Grace Q’nique 21X elite and a Handi Quilter Amara. Our Amara has a 20” inch throat space on a 12-foot frame. It is equipped with ProSticher which offers state of the art stitch and design precision and a Q’nique 21X elite has a 21-inch throat space on a 10-foot frame. The Q’nique is equipped with QCT Pro another state-of-the-art stitch and design program. We have a large selection of patterns and designs, and we will be adding new designs. We care for your quilt as if it were our own and love to put final touches on your already beautiful quilt.

Quilt Preparation Checklist:

We will treat your quilt as our own, exercising our high standard of care and service. We want you to be
happy with your quilting design. Please go through the checklist to be sure you have done everything
necessary to enable us to the best job possible with your quilt.
Occasionally we all have seams coming loose, wavy borders, or puckers. We would love to say these
things are okay, but they will cause issues when quilting your quilt. We wish we had a magic wand to
“quilt it out” but we just can’t. We will do our best to make sure these things are not noticeable, but
depending on the situation, it still may be noticeable.

Quilt Top Preparation

• Quilt tops should lay flat and be square to avoid puckering when quilted. Excess fabric in borders
could result in puckering.
• Edge seams should be secured
• Remove all excess threads and pin your name and phone number to your quilt top and backing.
Also, mark the top your quilt top if it is not easily noticeable if you have a preference.
• Press quilt top seems should lay flat (press to one side). This is important and can make a big
difference in the final look of the quilt. Iron from the finished side (the front), and use starch, it will be especially appreciated. (**Use this step to double check your seams for “holes” in your
quilt top as well as any wavy borders.)

Quilt Back Preparation

• To properly load your quilt onto our long arm quilting machines, your backing must be a
minimum of 6 inches longer on all four sides than the pieced top (3 inches bigger all the way
around_ This extra fabric is a must to be able to attach the quilt to the bars of the frame
• If you piece your backing, make sure to trim the selvages off as they shrink unevenly when you
wash the quilt and create a puckered line. Use a half inch seam allowance and press the seam
open. You can do this by folding it in quarters and using your rotary cutter and ruler to trim it
• If you choose a directional fabric for your backing, consider that when piecing your fabric.
Please mark the top the backing fabric.


1. Determine the overall square inches in your quilt by measuring the width and length of the quilt
and multiply these two measurements. EXAMPLE: A quilt measures 60”x72” = 4,320 inches
2. Then multiply this total square inch by the amount of $.02. For example, 4320 x .02= $86.40 for
the edge-to-edge quilting service.
3. To calculate binding cost, find the linear measurements by adding all four sides together. For
example, a quilt that measures 60” x 72” would be 60+60+72+72=264 linear inches.

Longarm Service and Cost

Edge to Edge Quilting
(Minimum $40)
$0.02 per square inch
Edge to Edge (Dense)
(Minimum $40)
$.0225 per square inch
Basting Service (Minimum $30) $.01 per square inches
Binding (Minimum $25)
    Made, attached, and stitched by machine
$.15 per linear inch
Backing Fabric 108" $19.00-$25.00 per yard
Batting (80/20 96" or 108" wide) $10.99 per yard

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